About Us

At Mesorah Farms, our primary focus is to follow a tradition of kashrus and quality. In order to achieve this, we raise chickens without antibiotics in line with strict standards. We take great care to ensure the welfare of our birds, providing them with a nutritious diet and access to fresh air, clean water, and plenty of space to move around. We use only natural and sustainable farming practices, avoiding the use of antibiotics and other artificial additives.

Our highly experienced team to manages production while ensuring the lofty standards of the kashrus authorities at the plant.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to producing the highest quality poultry products that meet the highest quality standards while promoting responsible and sustainable farming practices.

We are committed to continuously improving our operations and processes, seeking out innovative solutions and new technologies that allow us to produce poultry products

Why Choose Us

Freshness Guaranteed

Our high standard process guarantees fresh products of the highest quality.

No Antibiotics

We rely on methods based on improved sanitation, clean environments, and balanced diets to avoid using antibiotics.

State of the Art Facility

Our modernly equipped facilities help us deliver on our promises of quality.